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Sunday, March 6, 2011

All About Spelling

I just started All About Spelling with my kids a few weeks ago and we are loving it! All 4 of my kids (ages 4-8) are doing great with it...even teenagers or adults can use it.
It's different than any other spelling program out there! I really feel like they are getting a clear understanding of all of the phonomes, and that it is reinforcing their reading skills.
My favorite things about it:

-- The program is multisensory, approaching spelling through sight,
sound, and touch
-- The lesson plans are easy to use and leave nothing out
-- the kids work toasted mastery from the beginning, andd are so motivated! They love it!

 I like this spelling program so much that I signed up to become 
an affiliate! Aren't you surprised? ;)  You can check it out here: 

Love love love,



Me. Us. She. said...

Hi Angela,
I was reading this blog I follow: http://allthingshendrick.blogspot.com/2011/03/remember.html
and today's post was about healed food allergies. (That turned out to not actually be allergies.) It just struck me that I've read about your daughter's awful battle with skin and allergies here and it sounded so much like this family's experience. But they found the cause and cured it. Wanted to pass it along just in case....

Angela said...

Thanks so much, Amanda! I commented on her blog, and emailed her, and look forward to hearing from her. I appreciate you sharing her post with me! Thank you!