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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

May you each have:
A little blonde boy who says "I want to do this for you every morning, mommy" as he brings you a cup of coffee in bed. And he does!
A little blonde girl who showers you with kisses and caresses all through your mothers day luncheon and wants to be with you always.
A little brown haired girl who loves dresses more than life itself and loves to stroke your hand.
A little brown haired boy who tells you "you are sooooo pretty, mama" even on you ugliest days.

For these blessings, I am so utterly thankful.


Rebecca said...

that is sweet. A sentiment that you will treasure forever.

I was thinking about you today; you were on my mind after you had blessed me by hauling back my little stack of books from a faraway city. So I typed your name into Facebook, and found your blog.

While I can't relate to many of your unique circumstances, I DO resonate with mothering and home schooling. I admire you for accepting the challenges head on.

I read back to your Rockin Momma post, and I wondered if you're achieving that goal. Summertime is such a great time to revive the resolution, because we home schooling moms have so much extra time...except when we're painting cabinets! ;)

Blessings to you!!

In This Style said...

Hi there.

I just found & read your blog in one sitting (whew!). I normally shy away from blogs that are littered with bible verses and such, since I am not religious myself. However, you do your faith justice. Your story is inspiring, your dedication unwavering, and your strength astounding. My father has AIDS, so I especially appreciate your support of HIV awareness & am really blown away that you adopted two HIV+ children. Very, very awesome. I have spent the last year nannying a child with Down Syndrome and have considered eventually adopting a child with a disability. Your story--with all its ups and downs--has reminded me how huge of an impact that decision could make in a child's life & my own. I love your open attitude, your passion to do good in this world, and your willingness to broadcast your story to the blogging community. Lastly, my heart breaks for your sweet little Mae. I can't imagine what she goes through, but I want to base my life around helping children just like her. I am currently in college with the end goal of becoming a Child Life Specialist. : )

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Good luck in your future! Continue to share the positive energy of your loving heart with the world! You're making a difference.

-Melissa from California