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Friday, July 8, 2011

House Projects

In the last few weeks we've been going crazy with house projects.

We got a free piano off of craigslist.

I painted our front door red.

And switched out the ugly gold-but-turning-green knobs and handles for new ones.

I painted my kitchen cabinets white! with help from friends.

I painted a chalkboard wall in our school room.

And dyed my couch slipcovers.

I made curtains out of painter's drop cloth.

Yes. I've been a busy little bee! And, there is...

More to come! Check back for photo updates. Anyone know how to add photos to blogger from your iPad? Frustrating!

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Fit 2 Wed said...

HI, I just discovered your blog tonight and need to go to bed, but can't stop reading it. Thanks so much for sharing your adoption journey. I am in the process of adopting from South Africa and you provided me the encouragement I needed right now. Thank you. I would love to ask you some questions, if you don't mind.